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SL-1410Tackifying Resin

  • A thermoplastic p-t-butyl phenol-formaldehyde resin.
    Property Specification Test Method
    Appearance yellowish or brown pastille visual
    Softening Point, (Ring & Ball£©,°ś 120-145 WI-QC-102
    Weight loss£®at 105 °ś£©, % 0.5max WI-QC-104
    Ashes£®550°ņ25 °ś£©,% 0.5max WI-QC-103
  • 1)SL-1410 is a non-reactive thermoplastic resin having excellent tackifying properties, but also has the character of a plasticizer and a softening agent.
  • 2)SL-1410 resin can be extensively applied to SBR, BR, EPDM, NR rubber or the mix. Especially for synthetic rubber with the large, and higher processing viscosity required rubber products, such as convey belts, hoses, rollers, rubber plates, rubber inner liners, retread materials, wires and cables. This resin also can be used as tackifying agent in adhesives
  • 3)SL1410 is a granular product causing less dust, easily dissolved in a solvent and is easily mixed with the rubber material, does not pollute the workplace and equipment
  • 4)It is recommended to use SL-1410 resin at 2-6 phr loading



  • 25kg( net weight), Kraft bag inner PE coated or PE bag.


  • This material can be stable for 18 months under the normal storage conditions. However, precautions must be taken to avoid exposure to sunlight and always, store this material in a sealed container under the dry and cool conditions.
  • Refer to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) prior to using this resin.