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With Sino Legend Chemicals¡¯ strengths, we will help you achieve top performance of your brand

     As a leading supplier in the rubber and tire industry, we deeply understand that safety is always the first priority for rubber products, especially for tires. We do not take any chance when it comes to the quality of our resin products because we know that we are making a safer ride for people everywhere by ensuring the superior product performance.

     With diligence, strictness and high standard inheritted in our corporation culture;
With the exceptional production control and quality control capabilities;
Sino Legend Chemicals will guarantee you with an impeccable safety record for your rubber products and tires and a top brand name in the industry
Strictness and High Standard
    Sino Legend Chemicals¡¯ products are widely used in the rubber and tire industry. The passion for achieving the highest standard for production and operation safety as well as product quality has been deeply entrenched in the mind of every employee. Strict and prudent working attitude, highly efficient management, and advanced facilities are essential to product safety and quality.
Production Control
    Equipped with E+H and Emerson process control system, Yokogawa DCS system, 2 sets of Sandvik 10,000 MT pastillation system, and Mettler Toledo packing system etc., Sino Legend Chemicals has implemented an advanced production line in the world with fully automatic control to assure the homogeneity of products. The production and quality control always follows the ISO regulations and principles strictly.
Quality Control
     In Sino Legend Chemicals, the assurance of the safety and superior quality of the products is the ultimate goal for quality control. We have established and implemented an integrated quality assurance system. We closely monitor the quality from raw materials to final products by using a variety of advanced analytical instruments from the world leading suppliers such as Agilent Technologies, Thermo Electron, Waters£¬Shimadzu and Mettler Toledo etc..